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About Closer to Love Photography

Meet the Cosa Family

Closer to Love is the Photography of Husband & Wife team, Sammy and Natalia Cosa. Photography was something Sammy was unexpectedly drawn to during an overseas trip to Europe. In 2001 while on vacation, his family handed him a camera and asked him to document anything and everything that took place on their Summer trip. It didn’t take long until he realized that photography was a hobby he loved and wanted to pursue.

At the age of 16, upon arriving to the States, Sammy shot his first wedding with 25 rolls of film. Nearly 10 years later, Sammy fell in love and married the love of his life, Natalia in October of 2009. Together, along with the inspiration and encouragement from their friends, family, and most importantly God, “Closer to Love” came alive. It is their desire to be real, humble and creative in their work; to be the best choice for Photographers that anyone could ever ask for. To set the bar high as far as quality, communication with clients, and amazing final results. And most of all, to give God all the glory.

Sammy and Natalia’s Photography can be summed up in three simple words:
Timeless. Romantic. Whimsical.


I am 29 years old and have an endless love for my God, my wife, my daughters Saylah and Audrey, simplicity, family, music, Christmas, photography, CD covers, and life (and so much more). I picked up a camera back in the summer of 2001, never in my wildest dreams imagining that it would become what it is today. After photographing alone for so many years, my beautiful wife Natalia came along-side me and has helped transform Closer to Love into something greater than I ever thought possible. God has used the little that we had and turned it into something beautiful.


I am 24 years old and love my family, the ocean, fall, music, the wind, and capturing moments that will live on forever. I discovered my passion of capturing timeless photographs after marrying the love of my life: Sammy Cosa. I felt led and guided by God to be my husband’s helping hand. Never have I had an excitement as great as this. My passion is led by a desire to glorify my Savior and Best Friend.