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About Sammy & Natalia Cosa


Sammy & Natalia Cosa began their award-winning company Closer to Love Collective on Valentine’s Day 2010. The year 2017 proved to be a liminal year that led Sammy & Natalia into the freedom of retiring young and living out their dreams as full-time parents to their 3 children, Saylah Joelle (7), Audrey Hope (5) and Valor Alexander (toddler). The foundation of everything the Cosas do, philanthropically and otherwise, is rooted in their faith in God. They are passionate about changing the world, living a life of excellence, venture philanthropy & radical generosity. They believe now is the greatest time in history to be alive, and that the best is yet to come.

SAMMY COSA // I am 33 years old & have an endless love for Jesus, my family, simplicity, music, the ocean, a healthy lifestyle & holistic freedom. On any given day you’ll find our family of five enjoying all three meals together, dancing, laughing, learning & growing together with sand in our toes. We devote our time & energy to our three amazing children and to live a life we are truly passionate about. We are thankful for the countless lessons we learned as successful business owners which has led to our ultimate dream of being a full-time family as of Spring 2017.

 //I am 28 years old and love my family, the ocean, fall, music, the wind, and capturing moments that will live on forever. I enjoy the adventure of homeschooling and nature journaling. I lay my head down on my pillow every single night knowing I gave 100% to live the most fulfilling life I only thought could be a dream, but in fact is my reality. I married my best friend and I’m thankful beyond words to be alongside my husband living out all of our God-given dreams and impacting countless families in the process.