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Hello all! It’s been quite some time now since I’ve blogged, but I think I can finally say with a tad-bit of confidence, that I’m back. Oh, dear I hope so. Its been quite a crazy holiday season and taking two months off from blogging has not only made me miss jotting down my thoughts, but it has given me room to breathe, stop, and hear the voice of Jesus and the desires He has from me in my given season.

A few things I’ve learned in these past two months are:

ONE: Life is always one step ahead of me, and just when I think I’ve caught up or have taken a step ahead, I get pushed back behind. Like a child waiting in the lunch line, but always getting “cut” and feeling like lunch is so far ahead, is how I’ve been feeling lately. Except the little kid eventually gets his lunch, as for me, I’m still waiting in that long line. That long line of expectations and to-do’s. But that’s ok. Because life is still moving, and the amazing part of it all is I don’t have a deadline. To anything, really. Except bills. I’ll use laundry as an example. It will always be a part of my life. Forever. So there’s no reason it has to be completely finished today. Because even if it wasn’t, I will still have something to wear. And not only me but everyone in my household. Not everyone in the world can say this, but I praise God that I can. He has given me much.

TWO: Big crowds and big events over-stimulate me. I know, I know, I’m talking as if I’m describing my 2 year old when she’s surrounded by all her favorites and to top it off a big cup of chocolate milk. But I’ve learned to appreciate and desire close fellowship more than anything. I don’t thrive in big crowds and honestly love the feeling of sweet chats over coffee with a friend or two. This to me is more valuable.

THREE: Words are like gold. They are precious. They should be spoken with wisdom because it is then that they protect you.

FOUR: Friends are great! I love all my friends so dearly, and would do anything for those closest to my heart. But to constantly seek approval from man, is a waste of time. Because the only One I should seek to befriend more than anyone in this world is Jesus. He will always be there. He will never leave me. And He will never grow exhausted with my thoughts, mishaps, and frailties. He will always be the best friend, even when I’m not. He’s the only one I should seek approval from. And the amazing thing is… He’s already approved me. He loves me just the way I am. I am His.

FIVE: My heart is full. I have more than I could have ever asked for, sought after, or imagined. With grace alone.

So as you can see, God has been teaching me a lot these past few months. I still have so much more to write, but I guess I should save my energy and enthusiasm for another blog entry.  To say I’ve arrived is not on my radar at all. Christianity is not about having arrived to a state of perfection, but instead daily being perfected until the arrival of Christ Jesus. He is my Hope. He is the One I daily live for and daily strive to be more like. And God isn’t done with me. He’s still working on me.

Today we celebrate 5 months since Audrey has been born! FIVE MONTHS!!! How quickly time has flown by! Sammy and I decided it was time to take our darlings out for a quick mini photo session (and I do mean QUICK!) and below are the results of our sweet time together with Saylah and Audrey.


God bless,

“Being confident of this, that He who began
a good work in you will carry it on to completion
until the day of Christ Jesus.”
Philippians 1:6

Geanina + Marius Married | Los Angeles, CA

Geanina and Marius wrapped up our 2013 Wedding Season with their unforgettable Winter Wedding in Los Angeles! The day felt more like a perfect Summer day than a Winter Wonderland, but we have come to expect beautiful weather year-round here in beautiful sunny Southern California! There were so many amazing moments that took place on their Big Day. It was evident that Geanina has an incredible relationship with her parents. Her mother was by her side as Geanina got ready, and they both had to hold back tears as they looked into each other’s eyes. These subtle moments between mother and daughter throughout the morning were beautiful to witness first-hand.

After Geanina and Marius’ First Look, Geanina wanted to surprise her father in similar fashion, and her father’s reaction was priceless! He fought back tears as he was about to witness his little girl marry the man of her dreams. Geanina’s father also deserves a “Most Likable Father” Award! He was constantly making us laugh behind our cameras with his funny and quirky remarks and demeanor!

We are so extremely thankful for the opportunity to share a piece of their joy by being invited to document Geanina and Marius’ unforgettable Wedding Day. Below are a few of our favorite moments captured during this beautiful Winter Wedding in Downtown Los Angeles! Enjoy!



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