Tammy + Roland Engaged | Laguna Beach, CA

“My beloved is radiant and crimson,
distinguished among ten thousand.”
Song of Solomon 5:10

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Caylee + Greg Engaged | Moorpark, CA

Caylee and Greg met over 7 years ago at
a gathering that Caylee’s friend begged her to go to. It was at that gathering
that Caylee and Greg took notice of each other… In Caylee’s own words, it was “interest
at first sight!” A few short weeks later, their paths crossed again at another
get-together and this time around, they talked – for HOURS. Inseparable from
that moment on, they became great friends and a year later, they decided it was
time to take their relationship to the next level! Today Caylee and Greg find
themselves madly in love and engaged to be married later this month!

These two are truly amazing. Upon
meeting them at our home studio to discuss their relationship, we instantly fell
in love with their genuineness, honesty, and their fascination for all things
1950’s! Caylee and Greg ARE retro, so it was only fitting that we brought out
their 1950’s personalities during our time together in Moorpark, CA. Below are
a few of our favorite moments captured during our time together, which was
filled with so much laughter, so much retro, and so much fun!


“He has made everything beautiful in its time.”
Ecclesiastes 3:11

All images are copyright of Closer to Love Photography.
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