Joanne + Manan Married | Red Maple Vineyard, New York

Joanne and Manan are one of those couples that leave such a lasting impression that when we look back on the time we spent together, it’s a surreal feeling of endless gratitude. We are so thankful for these two! Their intentional love for each other and for those around them… and their genuine thoughtfulness + generosity since the very beginning has been a pure treat for us. They invited us along for their beautifully modern + traditional New York Wedding Day and, although a hurricane almost uninvitedly showed up for the weekend, the sun shined through and a shower of blessings prevailed. Below is a glimpse of all the awesomeness that took place on their Wedding Day. Enjoy!!

Sammy + Natalia

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“Fulfill my joy by being like-minded, having the
same love, being of one accord, of
one mind.” Philippians 2:2

A Romantic Winter Wedding | Inspirational Shoot

When we were contacted by Southern California Bride and asked to be a part of a Romantic Winter Wedding Session, infused throughout with Spanish inspiration, we couldn’t say “Yes!” fast enough. So much planning and heart was poured into this project from the editor and event coordinator, it was unreal to see the outcome of all their labor! The results of the shoot is beyond words and we are incredibly humbled to have been asked to document all the awesomeness at the Franciscan Gardens in San Juan Capistrano. Working alongside some of the most talented vendors in the business is a dream come true and looking back at all the images captured, it really does look and feel like a dream.


SCBshoot_0001 SCBshoot_0002 SCBshoot_0003 SCBshoot_0004 SCBshoot_0005 SCBshoot_0006 SCBshoot_0007 SCBshoot_0008 SCBshoot_0009 SCBshoot_0010 SCBshoot_0011 SCBshoot_0012 SCBshoot_0013_1 SCBshoot_0013 SCBshoot_0014 SCBshoot_0015 SCBshoot_0016 SCBshoot_0017 SCBshoot_0018 SCBshoot_0019 SCBshoot_0020 SCBshoot_0021 SCBshoot_0022 SCBshoot_0023 SCBshoot_0024 SCBshoot_0025_1 SCBshoot_0025 SCBshoot_0026 SCBshoot_0027 SCBshoot_0028 SCBshoot_0029 SCBshoot_0030 SCBshoot_0031 SCBshoot_0032 SCBshoot_0034 SCBshoot_0035_1 SCBshoot_0035_2 SCBshoot_0037

CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Damaris Mia of Southern California Bride


PHOTOGRAPHY: Closer to Love Photography

RENTALS: Archive Rentals

FLORALS: Bella Bloom Floral Design

VENUE: Franciscan Gardens, San Juan Capistrano

BRIDAL GOWNS: Enaura Bridal

VIDEOGRAPHER: Erica Marr Films

CAKE: RooneyGirl BakeShop

HAIR & MAKE-UP: Studio mm&b

STATIONERY: Copper Willow Paper Studio


SUIT/TUX: Friar Tux

CATERING: 24 Carrots

FAVORS + SWEETS: Valenza Chocolajer


JEWELRY & SHOES: Nordstrom

Pretty Please Honey Bee:
The Paper Sandbox:

Vases: Dollar Tree and Ikea Candles: Ikea & Hobby Lobby