Tamara + Tim Married | Mountain View, California

Tamara and Tim (also referred to as TimTam) met through a Christian dating website. They conversed for a year and half before officially meeting in person in Australia. Tamara is from Sydney, Australia and Tim from San Francisco, which often times made their courtship difficult due to distance, but they kept in touch via phone calls and Skype. They looked forward to reuniting time and time again in Australia and TimTam made the most of every opportunity whenever they were on the same side of the planet:) Ultimately, their attraction for each other’s values, honesty and off-beat humor won both of them over and Tim would soon ask Tamara to be his beautiful bride! Having only 2 1/2 months to pull their entire Wedding Day off due to immigration terms, TimTam succeeded at planning and creating an inviting, intimate and homey Wedding at the Rengstorff House in Mountain View, California! Surrounded by dear ones from near and afar, their Wedding Day was filled with so much joy, laughter and endless love from all that were present. Below are a few of our favorite moments captured during TimTam’s rustically elegant Wedding Day, a day that was sheer perfection!


“Where you go I will go, and where you
lodge I will lodge. Your people shall be my
people, and your God my God.”
Ruth 1:16

Vendor List

Bridal Gown: La Sposa by Pronovias / Trudys Bridal

Bridal Shawl: Davids Bridal

Bridal Gown Alterations: Just My Size

Bridesmaid Dresses: Dessy via Weddington Way

Groom + Groomsmen Tux: Paper and Petals

Bridal Accessories + Flower Girl Dresses: Etsy

Floral Design: Twig & Petals

Rings: Designed by Groom / Fabricated by Derco Fine Jewelers

Stationary: Designed by Groom / Printed by Wedding Paper Divas

Photography: Closer To Love

Venue: Rengstorff House

Linens, Rentals + Lighting: Danny Thomas

Catering: Continental Caterers

Cake & Desserts: Martha’s Pastries

Make-Up: Nidia Alcazar

Hair: Janet Flores Lopez

Officiate: Dave Larson Westgate Church San Jose

Day-of Coordinator: Faith Cochran (friend)

Decor Inspiration:

We feel incredibly blessed and grateful to have found each other from such a distance. Foremost, our Wedding Day details were inspired by the joy of merging our two wonderful families and cultures together (Australia and USA). Our families were over the moon to come together from both sides of the world in celebration.

Planning & styling all wedding details ourselves was a fun, creative, and crazy challenge! We set the basics via long-distance, yet had only 2 1/2 months to pull our wedding together following immigration terms, when I arrived permanently in San Francisco. After an exhaustive search of wedding / engagement ring designs, Tim decided to custom design our rings to capture the unique style and characteristics that we envisioned. Lorraine from Derco Fine Jewelers was so helpful, and had them produced just-in-time. I am still amazed that Tim created such beautiful keepsakes, under such pressured circumstances.

Our wedding theme began with the words “rustic garden elegance” and ended in a happy mix of decor & a fabulously eclectic selection of music. We aimed to create an atmosphere of fresh, relaxed elegance for our guests and Rengstorff House provided just the right ambiance. It was stately yet inviting, intimate and homely. The lovely gardens also complimented Tim’s passion for gardening. Air plants and succulents are among our favorite plants, so it felt natural that we should integrate them as our guest favors and alongside floral arrangements.  

We incorporated little Australian details into our stationery & table ornamentation to commemorate my relocation and pay homage to dear absent friends & family who could not be with us at such limited notice. Additionally, our names are Tim and Tam. There was a prevailing unspoken -and spoken!- expectation that we serve TimTam’s on our big day- A favorite Australian biscuit (US translation: TimTam ‘cookies’). We obliged by featuring every available flavor on our dessert table!

My family arrived just in time to save my sanity in preparation. Tim likes to refer to his home during this two week period as a “Pinterest Sweatshop.” Friends and family honored us endlessly in their offers to contribute their time and talents to our day. We were absolutely thrilled to have them involved as MC, Photo Booth Operator, Videographer, Day-of Coordinator, Welcomers, Helpers, Heavy-Lifters, Log Choppers, Thrifting Decor Sourcers, Amazing Crafters, and Upscaling Spray Painters! They truly made our day special, and we left smiling from ear to ear.

The Love of a Father

Before I become a father to this beauty nearly 3 years ago, I thought that having a precious daughter meant endless hugs, kisses, and cute words affirming that I was her perfect superhero. I thought the term “daddy’s little girl” would be a perfect depiction of my relationship with Saylah – her always wanting to be by my side and fighting for my utmost affection. Then reality sunk in just 3 short months after she was born. Saylah no longer wanted to be held, but she wanted to be independent and on her own. This trend continued through the years and it has been a difficult, challenging, and long season for me to understand, that my precious little girl wasn’t in fact the “daddy’s little girl” that I had always dreamed of – but that she was her own independent person with a strong personality. There were many instances when my heart was literally broken in a thousand different pieces. For nearly 3 years it’s been a difficult pill to swallow knowing that Saylah simply didn’t look at me the way I had always dreamed that she would.

“How great is the love the Father has lavished on us
that we should be called children
of God!” – 1 John 3:1

No one can prepare you for parenthood. All the books, all the opinions, all the philosophies and teachings can’t fully prepare you for what’s in store. I believe it is one of the most humbling roles anyone can undertake. Every day is a new struggle, a new lesson to learn, and a new obstacle to overcome. But each day also comes with its triumphs, victories, and unmatched joys that cannot be explained. Last week we experience that unexplainable joy after one of Saylah’s tantrums. Natalia and I got down on our knees and prayed fervently for her. We were done trying things on our own and realized how our imperfect parenting wasn’t going to fix the troublesome Terrible Two’s. We had nowhere else to go but on our knees. We were done trying it on our own because it simply wasn’t working. Just about an hour later, something was different. In fact, SOMEONE was different and has never been the same…

I have seen the power of prayer many times in my life, and here was another instant where in less than 60 minutes our precious daughter completely transformed right before our very eyes. Completely. No, she’s not perfect, but over the last 11 days she has become all that I could’ve ever dreamed or hoped for. She longs to be held by her father. She kisses me endlessly, wants to roll on the floor together and simply be with her daddy. To laugh, joke, and fight for my utmost affection. Seeing her day after day with this new found appreciate for me is something I cannot put into words. God has fully answered our prayers, and because He has done so in such a way that no one can deny it, HE deserves ALL the glory! I am overwhelmed with love for Saylah and amazed at what an incredible work God has done through her precious little life.

Before I left for the studio this morning, she said “I love you!” over and over, and when I said it back, she replied with “I love you MORE!” Oh… my heart is filled with so much joy. I love the way she clings to my leg and doesn’t want me to leave her side. It breaks my heart, but not in the way it’s been broken before. It breaks my heart in a beautiful way because I can feel how tightly my little girl desires to hold on to her daddy. Oh, and how I wish I never have to leave her side but just be there with her, forever.

There are so many countless lessons that parenthood, namely being a FATHER has taught me. I believe one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned through this journey (so far) is how our Heavenly Father just longs for His children to sit with Him. To be held without any hindrances or distractions. To embrace His children and simply hold them. So often, we His children run away not wanting that perfect relationship with Jesus, that relationship that is so desperately needed for our soul. Saylah has taught me that I am a reflection of her old self many times. That I too limit my time with my Father, or full-on neglect it and push Him away, kicking and screaming because there’s something more “entertaining” and fun that awaits me, and fights for my attention.

Today, would you return back to your Heavenly Father? There truly is no better place to be than in His arms. He’s always been there and He is waiting for you to just sit beside Him. He is full of love. In fact, HE IS LOVE. He too may be heartbroken, just like any loving father would be who desires that unhindered relationship with their children. But nothing can separate His love for you and He is longing to feel your warm embrace. He’s not waiting for you to offer Him your works, your talents, your treasures. More than anything, He simply wants YOU. No strings attached. Allow Him to wrap His arms around you and simply BE together. Nothing will ever compare. I promise.

“While he was still a long way off, his father saw him
and was filled with compassion for him; he ran to
his son, threw his arms around him and
kissed him.” Luke 15:20