Tabitha + Anthony Engaged | Big Bear Lake

For as long as I can remember Natalia and I have always dreamed of having an opportunity to photograph a couple near the lake. Add a canoe on top of that already-perfect dream and we would be in heavennn;) Well, our dream became our reality just a few days ago when the perfect couple, Tabitha and Anthony, gave us full creative control in planning their Engagement Session!! Tabitha gave us the green light to do anything our creative minds came up with. Anything? Yes, anything! Including jumping into the lake at the end of the Session! ;)

The results are magical. Yes, we walked away muddy, exhausted, hungry and dizzy from the twisty roads on Big Bear Mountain… but it was ALL. SO. WORTH. IT! If a couple is capable of surviving such an adventurous Engagement Session like Tabitha and Anthony endured, we have no doubt their marriage will withstand any obstacle that comes their way! We are so incredibly blessed to have spent the day with Tabitha and Anthony and if we had a “Trooper of the Year” Award, it would definitely go to these two!

Tabitha and Anthony, thank you for putting up with our ideas and for being one of the nicest couples we have ever photographed. Truly. You two are amazing and Natalia and I cannot wait to photograph your Wedding Day in just a few short days! We love you both dearly and pray that God continues blessing you beautiful relationship for the rest of your lives.


“Many waters cannot quench love;
rivers cannot sweep it away.”
Song of Solomon 8:7

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Yuna + Michael Engaged | Dallas, Texa

There’s something about traveling that inspires, refreshes and renews us creatively and artistically. California is beautiful, the scenery is endless. But when the opportunity arose to photograph in Dallas, Texas for Yuna and Michael’s Engagement Session, we were beyond excited for what we would be able to discover and capture. I was welcomed in to Dallas with 85 degree weather, and Yuna and Michael picked me up from the airport with warm smiles and wide open arms. From there, we enjoyed a delicious lunch and I discovered Affogato for the first time (Gelato + Espresso!)… Are you kidding me!? How had I never heard of this delicacy before? It was coffee perfection! After our delightful treat, we ventured off to White Rock Lake where, amidst the warm breeze and smooth waves in the distance, the true delight began. Yuna + Michael + such beautiful scenery as a backdrop – now THAT was better than any sweet treat on the planet. Their beautiful Love shined, shined, shined – and I was honored to capture each frame!

From there we discovered the beautifully blossomed Dallas Arboretum, where endless tulips and flowers of every kind began springing up, just in time for our Session! With time still left to spare, while at another coffee shop (thankfully, we all love coffee!), we researched and stumbled upon a nearby ranch that we wanted to visit and conquer. The results of every location and panorama we discovered far exceeded our every expectation. Not to mention, having such a beautiful, kind, and fun-loving couple to drive around Dallas with – it was simply an experience I will never forget!! I am so thankful for these two and eagerly anticipate capturing their I DO’s in May!

All the images from this perfect Engagement Session were edited using the new Redwood Presets from one of our Workshop sponsors, Red Leaf Boutique. A special “Thank You” to their incredible team for helping bring these photographs to life with their beautiful Presets that we just love!

Below are a few of our favorite images captured during our time in Dallas, Texas with Yuna and Michael. Enjoy!

God bless,

“Many women have done excellently,
but you surpass them all.”
Proverbs 31:29