Dani + Dominic Engaged | Salvation Mountain

Dani and Dominic picked me up from my house early in the morning and we ventured off to an unknown land in Southern California: the desolate city of Niland. A city in the middle of no where with a rare hidden gem – Salvation Mountain. Three hours later, after endless conversation, laughs, and a bit of getting lost(!) we pulled up to the historic mountain with beautiful scriptures and paintings adorning every inch of the area.

After spending an entire day with Dani and Dominic, I can honestly say that they have become true, lasting friends of ours. We laughed the vast majority of the day and had so much fun from sunrise to sunset. For our trip, I brought a pillow along, hoping to take a nap on the way home – knowing it would be a long day of shooting and an even more exhausting 3-hour drive back home. Well, that pillow never touched my head. We talked and laughed the entire drive home – and also ate an entire box of pizza in minutes! Haha. The thought of resting on my pillow never crossed my mind… we were having way too much fun to think about sleep.

I can say sooo much regarding my day with D + D, but I’ll leave it at this: Dani + Dominic: I am so grateful to have met you both. You two are truly one in a million. We have met countless couples, but have never come across any quite like you both. You two are made for each other and we are so honored to have been able to document such a beautiful moment in your lives. Continue being rooted and established in the love of Jesus and building your relationship on Him as your solid foundation. With Him ALL things are possible! We look forward to documenting your Big Day and being a part of your beautiful Love Story. We love you guys!

Without further adieu, below are Dani and Dominic’s Engagement photos. Enjoy!

God bless,

SalvationMountainDD_0001 SalvationMountainDD_0002 SalvationMountainDD_0003 SalvationMountainDD_0004 SalvationMountainDD_0005 SalvationMountainDD_0006 SalvationMountainDD_0007 SalvationMountainDD_0008 SalvationMountainDD_0009 SalvationMountainDD_0010 SalvationMountainDD_0011 SalvationMountainDD_0012 SalvationMountainDD_0013 SalvationMountainDD_0014 SalvationMountainDD_0015 SalvationMountainDD_0016 SalvationMountainDD_0017 SalvationMountainDD_0018 SalvationMountainDD_0019 SalvationMountainDD_0020 SalvationMountainDD_0021 SalvationMountainDD_0022 SalvationMountainDD_0023 SalvationMountainDD_0024 SalvationMountainDD_0025

1 JOHN 4:7


  1. Anonymous says

    Dani and Dominic make an amazing couple, and these pictures show their love beautifully. Looking forward to seeing their wedding photos :)

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