An Intimate Greek Wedding | Mary + Florin

For as long as we could remember, we aspired to one day find ourselves in the ancient land of Greece. The history, the beauty, the feeling of being in a magical part of the world that was far different from our world – it would be a dream come true! So when Mary and Florin reached out to us about capturing their beautiful destination wedding in Greece, we could not say “YES” fast enough! We were honored yet so humbled that this stunning couple would invite us for their intimate wedding surrounded by a handful of their dearest family and friends. The photographs below are a collection of our favorite moments captured during our travels in Athens and Santorini. We will never forget this incredible trip and will forever treasure Mary and Florin in our hearts for making our dream come true! Words are not enough, and unfortunately, photographs don’t even give justice to all the beauty that we experienced. We were thankful to have our Videography team along for the ride to capture all the amazingness on film. We hope you enjoy viewing today’s blog post as much as we did being a part of it!


Sammy + Natalia

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Watch the incredible footage of Mary + Florin’s Wedding Day,
documented by our very own Closer to Love Organic Films.


  1. Lisa Measures says

    Just gorgeous! Beautiful wedding, beautiful setting and you captured it most beautifully. (I’ve been there, most fortunately, so I know! Hehe!) I do know what you mean, it’s almost too amazing for words or even photographs! Bravo!

  2. Deanna Hansen says

    Very beautiful Sammy and Natalia! I am always in awe of the talent God has blessed you both with and I love to see the stories you tell in your photographs! Amazing!

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