Anneli + Josh | A Puerto Vallarta Wedding

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I knew when we got engaged that we wanted a wedding that was laid-back, and comfortable, so a destination wedding was perfect. Puerto Vallarta has been a family vacation spot for years so it was an obvious choice. While I wanted a wedding on the beach I didn’t want a ‘beach’ themed wedding. At some point in all the Pinterest Perusal, I found an image of some flags flowing in the wind and it was an -Aha- moment. We took that idea and ran with it! The wedding dress was the most difficult item in the whole process. After visiting many bridal stores and boutiques I was ready to give up. Finally I asked the talented Jen Stenersen of Eden’s Bouquet if she would be willing to design my dress (she typically does High end, made to order, Childrens’ clothing.) She nailed it with all the ‘flowy silk yumminess’-to put it in my Mom’s words.. I enjoy graphic design so I decided to tackle the invitations  and the grace card myself, I thought the watercolor look went well with the flags! The programs were the real labor of love, Josh, my Mom, and I spent several days putting those together. We both come from large families so there was a well of talented people to recruit for our big day. Josh’s family, is one of those musically gifted groups (that annoy all of us who can’t seem to carry a tune) so they took care of all the ceremony music. My uncle, a ceramic artist, made the medallions for the programs, another Uncle officiated the ceremony. The clothespin dolls were hand painted by my younger sisters. All of the little ones who came to the wedding became ‘flag’ carriers. Also, if you look close you will find a bunny charm on my shoe for my childhood nickname. Lighting the lanterns off over the ocean was the perfect touch to finish the night.



Dress: Eden’s Bouquet

Hair: Brittany Isaacson

Getting ready outfit: Free People


Vest/pants: Buckle

Bow tie: DeBihr Sewing & Design

Shoes: Sanuks

Rings: wedding bands handmade by the groom


Dresses: Free People, Blush Fashion on Etsy

Flower Girls: Bubale1 on Etsy, Dollcakes Clothing

Kids Crowns: Mountainhausstudio on Etsy

Ceremony Location: Conchas Chinas Beach, Puerto Vallarta

Reception Location: El Set Restaurant, Puerto Vallarta

Flowers by Floreria Frissia:

Ceremony Equipment rentals by Trendy:

Ceremony Audio/Speaker/Mic for beach by DJ Mike Huhndorf (Vallarta Weddings:

Lighting: Vallarta weddings:

Wedding Cake: Pasteleria charme:

Wedding coordinators Eva and Michael from Vallarta Weddings:

Invites: Designed by the Bride

Bride&Groom Clothespins: Handmade by Bride’s sisters

Ceramic Program Charms: Michael Metz Ceramics

Flower Girl Bibs: Feather Shop on Etsy

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