I have always thrived on the idea of new beginnings. Fresh starts. Drawing lines in the sand. Failing forward. My favorite story-lines are those of newness and redemption. As we celebrate the newest addition to our growing family, a son, and in just a few days our 8 years of Wedding blessedness, I often find myself fighting back tears as I recount all the limitless ways God has proven Himself faithful to our family time after time. I had a conversation with my best friend recently, and we asked each other the question: “If your entire life up to this point was a movie, what title would best fit?”

It’s truly been the story of my life. God always shows up and shows off!

These past handful of years have been radically adventurous. Nearly three years ago we made the tough personal decision (at that time) to unplug from social media, tv, and the Land of Familiar, and to step away from our small business at the height of our success. Instead, we opened books, immersed ourselves in scripture, devotion, worship, mentorship, and a pursuit of relentless obedience to the calling on our lives, which is to live a life of impact and to build an inheritance for our children’s children (Proverbs 13:22). It’s the toughest decisions in life that will make you the most successful, and we’re grateful for the stepping-stones God has led us to, the desires of our hearts that He has given us, and the mentors and friends in our lives that have helped us every step in the pursuit of our tenacious dreams, which only expand day after day!

For the past few years we have pursued a life of venture philanthropy. Natalia and I have been fighting for our family’s legacy, and serving other families in the process. Our story is one of OVERCOMING. Today we are a full-time free family of 5. More in love than ever before. Pursuing excellence and significance in all areas of our lives. Homeschooling our 2 beautiful girls. Passionate about living a life on purpose for a purpose, and excited about expanding our standard of giving, not our standard of living. We log on to our laptop about once a month, and spend the rest of our time waking up to our 3 children, enjoying all meals together, growing together, laughing together, and simply designing a life we don’t ever need to vacate from. The currency of true wealth is TIME and I’m thankful to have been able to redeem it back and pursue all our God-given dreams, together, as a family. As I’m wrapping up this blog post, we are about to board a flight to Canada to share our story of hope, overcoming, and BECOMING to a coliseum full of philanthropist, entrepreneurs, visionaries, impact players and world changers. These are the people we feel most at home with. Impossible is not a fact my friend, it’s only an opinion. Silence the voices of the naysayers and start listening to the only voice that truly matters: Jesus Christ our Lord. With Him, all things – ALL THINGS – are possible!

Sowing & growing every day,
Sammy Cosa

When the Lord restored the fortunes of Zion, we were like those who dreamed. Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of JOY. Then it was said among the nations, “THE LORD HAS DONE GREAT THINGS FOR THEM.” Psalm 126:1-2

Valor Alexander – 1 month old
Audrey Hope – 4 years old
Saylah Joelle – 6 years old

Thank you to our favorite photographer Jenn Daigle for capturing these amazing family moments!

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