Lisa + Graeme Engaged | Newport Beach, CA

One of the most frequent questions we get asked in person is: “What is your most FAVORITE Wedding or Engagement Session you have EVER photographed?!” What a difficult question! Are you kidding us!? This week’s answer can be different from last week’s answer! Let’s just say, we have many favorites! We have been so fortunate and blessed to document some of the most amazing couples ever. We can recount a few moments when we walked away from a Wedding or an Engagement Session and telling each other: “Ok, we should just quit now. There’s no way we can surpass this one. It’s all downhill from here!”

Lisa and Graeme’s Engagement Session had us thinking those very thoughts. Their interaction with each other was truly effortless. They needed  very little direction because they were doing everything right! I can remember a few times when I told them that I wish I had an entire day with them… Because I could’ve gone on and on photographing these two. Perhaps one reason (among many) of why I loved them so much is because of their Australian accents! They both recently moved to Newport Beach from Australia just a few months ago, and working with them is truly an honor!

I asked Lisa to summarize her and Graeme’s relationship, and I love how she puts it… So I’ll allow her the opportunity of sharing a glimpse of their relationship with you.

“We met at a boat party that neither of us really wanted to go to. We got dragged by our respective friends to this party. My girlfriend said at the time, ‘You never know, you may meet the man of your dreams.’ As it turns out I did, although on the initial meeting neither of us realized this at the time. I think the most important thing about our relationship is that we have always both given our all to each other, taken risks, have deep love and respect for each other’s past and see the potential of our future together. Graeme truly is the most amazing person I have had the honor to know. We are always laughing together and affectionate to the point our friends can’t stand it but have also gotten used to it.  We have had some amazing experiences around the world together. We have been very blessed in that respect and will always share that. Was it love at first sight? No it wasn’t. We believe what we have is built on stronger foundations than that. Meeting and falling in love took us both by surprise but here we are today and very much looking forward to marrying each other.”

Lisa and Graeme, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to meet you both and trusting us to beautifully tell the story of your Wedding Day this Summer! We are truly grateful for the opportunity!

Below are some of our favorite moments captured during our time with Lisa and Graeme.


God bless,

“Keep alert, stand firm in your faith,
be courageous, be strong.
Let all that you do be
done in love.”
1 Corinthians 16:13

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