Storytelling, the book by Closer to Love Photography

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Closer to Love: Storytelling

by Sammy & Natalia Cosa


Southern California based photographers, Sammy and Natalia Cosa launched their faith-rooted photography business Closer to Love Photography on Valentine’s Day 2010. Quickly learning that there was so much to learn, they were determined to persevere and learn from detrimental mistakes that they already had begun making in their business. “Storytelling” highlights their journey that shines the light on God’s goodness, faithfulness and sovereignty in their lives, and how in just four short years they were able transform their hobby into a thriving career.



01. Our Story: When Dreams Become Reality
02. The Art of Storytelling
03. Posing with a Purpose
04. Branding Yourself
05. Standing Out
06. More Than a Photographer
07. Attracting Your Ideal Client
08. Pricing Your Product
09. The Importance of Submitting to a Blog
10. One Photographer’s Loss,
Another Photographer’s Gain
11. Perfect Strangers (Once Upon a Time)
12. Our Epic Failures, Your Epic Triumphs
13. Gear vs. Gift

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